Roof inspections are an essential part of good roofing maintenance, as they allow contractors to fully assess the condition of a roof and plan with homeowners for needed care.

Depending on the size and design of the roof, they can also be time-consuming and dangerous when done the traditional way.

To combat these challenges, many roof services have now invested in drone technology, which offers many advantages when used to perform inspections.

Understand the many benefits of drone inspections and why homeowners should choose them!

Total Safety

One of the most important benefits of using a drone for a roof inspection is the safety margin it creates.

By removing the need to actually climb onto the roof of a house in most cases, the risk associated with going up there is completely eliminated.

While roofers will still need to go into the attic to perform interior inspections, the exterior one can be completed with complete safety.

More In-depth and Accurate

Expertly flown drones can position higher to get a general view of the roof as a whole, then hover closer to get a more detailed look at the different angles, areas, and components.

The video recordings made via the drone provide the opportunity to look closely afterward, after which they can also be uploaded into software that accurately calculates measurements, angles, and other critical details required to quote roofing work.

Advanced Inspection Methods

Using drones, roof services can do highly-accurate thermal inspections to visualize damage and trouble spots that may not be visible to the naked eye.

Thermal roof inspections utilize infrared technology to create thermal maps that detect moisture and other problems.

These problems should be located as quickly as possible to minimize the extent of required repairs and increase the chance that an applicable roofing warranty will cover any damage.

Faster Inspections

Roof inspections performed using drones can be completed in minutes, as opposed to the hours that a standard inspection could take depending on the roof size and architecture.

With no need to don safety gear and climb up on the house or even erect scaffolding in instances where the pitch is especially steep, roof services can complete a more accurate inspection in a fraction of the time.

Less Expensive

Considering the safety, convenience, and speed of performing roof inspections by drone and the accuracy of these inspections, they are much less expensive, too.

Drone inspections provide a more cost-effective means for getting a thorough view of the exterior of any roof, collecting critical data that can be used in various ways to help homeowners provide better care for their roofs.

Use A Drone For A Safe and Accurate Roof Inspection

Having a roof inspection done every year or two is important for gauging roof condition and keeping up with whatever maintenance or repairs are required.

When homeowners choose a drone inspection of their roofs, they gain the benefits of greater accuracy and lower cost, all performed in a fast and safe manner.

As more roof services offer this important roofing technology, homeowners choosing drone inspections have much to gain!

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