In hot climates, choosing the most energy-efficient roof replacement materials is important for making a home more comfortable, and lowering energy bills.

One of those materials that roofers recommend is radiant barrier underlayment.

When roofing services install high-quality radiant barrier underlayment during a roof installation, homeowners can see a marked difference in their cooling bills during hot Texas summers!

What Is Radiant Barrier Underlayment and How Does It Work?

Radiant barrier underlayment is a premium underlayment product used by roofers as a means of making any type of roofing material more energy-efficient.

It is especially useful under asphalt shingles, as this material is not as energy-efficient as other types of roofing.

Radiant barrier underlayment has a high R-value, or reflective value, meaning it reflects UV energy rather than allowing it to pass through the roof and into the home.

When installed during a roof replacement, this premium type of underlayment works as an efficient insulative barrier to bounce UV energy off the roof and keep the attic space and home beneath it cooler.

What Benefits Does Radiant Barrier Underlayment Provide?

The main benefit that homeowners gain when requesting radiant barrier underlayment from their roofing service is a cooler attic and home, which equates to less money spent on cooling the home during the heat of summer.

Interior home temperatures will stabilize more quickly and remain comfortable for lower energy expenditure.

There are also numerous secondary benefits gained when choosing radiant barrier underlayment, including less wear-and-tear to the HVAC system, and a reduced carbon footprint due to lower energy usage.

Additionally, roofers find that radiant barrier underlayment reduces the chance that homeowners will experience overheated attics, a problem that can result in widespread damage to their shingles if not corrected.

Who Should Upgrade to Radiant Barrier Underlayment?

Roofing services recommend radiant barrier underlayment for homeowners who live in climates that experience exceptionally high heat in the summer.

In high-heat regions like Texas, this upgrading to this high-performance underlayment product during a roof replacement is exceptionally useful to reduce the amount of radiant heat that passes through asphalt shingles, wood, and other roofing materials that alone are not so protective.

Combined with good thermal insulation inside the attic floors and rafters, the two methods create a cooler house in the summer and a warmer one in the winter.

Add Radiant Barrier Underlayment For A Cooler Home

When the time comes for a new roof replacement, homeowners looking for a more energy-efficient roof can achieve that in a number of ways.

One easy solution recommended by roofers for reducing the amount of heat transferred through the roof and into the house is upgrading to radiant barrier underlayment.

Using radiant barrier underlayment, roofing services can turn popular asphalt shingles or other roofing materials into a much more energy-efficient, cost-effective choice for Texas homeowners!

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